Logging Camp Ranch | Rates
Above the river, in the pines, memories are made.

Group packages are available; we can also offer group and family rates.
Prices are also subject to ND Sales Tax.

Lodging: $65.00/person
$130.00/family with children under 12
Meals: Adults - $40.00/person/day
Ages 6-12 - $20.00
Under 6 - Free to $5.00
Corrals & Water: $7.00/day if you bring your own horse
Camping: $10.00/person/night (includes use of facilities) 
Insurance: $10.00/person (one-time fee)

Ranch Vacation Rates
All rates are on a per person / per day basis, and include all meals.
Some prices subject to 5% (lodging) or 5% (meals) ND Sales Tax. 
Adults: $180/person/day
Ages 10-16: $140/person/day
Ages 6-9: $120/person/day

Under 6: Free  

For any additional inquiries or questions, please contact us.


John & Jennifer Hanson (701) 279-5501   Robert & Ann Hanson (701) 279-5702
Fax (701) 279-6663   E-mail jhanson@loggingcampranch.com