Logging Camp Ranch | Activities
Above the river, in the pines, memories are made.


Our guests come to see ranch life first hand, participate in ranch activities, commune with nature, and relax. Many ride horse, hike, learn about the geology, biology, and the abundance of wildlife.  Our location is great for family reunions or other gatherings, offering activities for all ages in a safe and private environment.  Day trips to destinations such as Medora and Theodore Roosevelt National Park are also possible, and we can offer other suggestions for sites to see in our area.[oij[ioujo[ijhoi[h

Ranch Activities:

Branding - Late May  

Artificial Insemination of Beef Cows - Late June    

Educational Opportunities:

ND Youth Range Camp - Mid June          


Other Popular Activities:    

* Small Corporate Retreats
* Family Reunions
* Hiking


*Horseback Riding

*Wildlife viewing/bird watching

John & Jennifer Hanson (701) 279-5501
Fax (701) 279-6663   E-mail jhanson@loggingcampranch.com